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I came across Bitcoin quite a while ago and once I’ve had a few $ in it, decided to buy a hardware wallet. Felt much more SAFU to HODL and SPEDN my coins anywhere. But to keep my seed SAFU I had to write it on a piece of paper and I didn’t like it that much. People are quite creative and some of them would create art projects and hide the seed in, some go the extra mile and use Aluminum, steel or titanium to stamp their seed onto. Metal is a much better choice than some kind of paper. So I checked quite a few of the solutions and realized that every single one seems quite overpriced. Some of them quite over complicated and honestly the more complicated, the more it failed most of the honest reviews. So I came up with a simple design of metal Bitcoin seed storage.

No, this isn’t another entrepreneur trying to steel your money with a genial over complicated solution. Quite the opposite, simple and strong solution that’ll cost you peanuts. These peanuts won’t even go to my pocket so I’ll try to make it as cheap as possible.

Things you’ll need:

* M6 or 1/4″ hex Stainless Steel bolt 1-2 inch long
* M6 or 1/4″ Stainless Steel Acorn Cap Nut
* 1/4″ x 1″ or M6 Stainless Steel Fender Washers (Pack of 100) (Pack of 12)
Or in any near hardware store.

* Letter & Number Stamp Set – At least 6mm or 1/4 (up to 8mm or 5/16″ max for 1″ fender washer)

… again, or in any near hardware store.

* Hammer, couple of hands and an hour of your time.

Links to the products at Amazon and Home Depot are here just to show you what to look for. Don’t buy the exact product if you can get a better or cheaper one elsewhere. Also, ask your friend or neighbor if they don’t have the stamp set instead of buying one if you’re planning to create only one seed storage in your life. Just say you need to tag few keys, instead of mentioning Bitcoin seed storage. Nobody should know that you’ve one hidden in your home. Read a bit about Security through obscurity please if you don’t know what that mean, it’s quite important in this case.

For this SAFU storage I’ve used 14 washers. 12 to stamp and two at the sides just to protect the rest. The bolt is M6, 25mm long and used a couple of 10mm spanners to tight them all together.


Once it’s done, simple make a hole in your (brick) wall and cement this bad boy in. Or drill a 25mm (1 inch) hole in the top of your door and slide the storage in. Have a creative idea? let everyone know in the comments. I’ll might create a page about the places you can store it in, one day.


The photos are self explanatory but if you’ll need to explain anything, hit the comments and I’ll come back to you or will update this post.


Keep HODLing and most importantly, stay SAFU!


…also, if you can, share this page anywhere you see an expansive metal storage being offered as a cheap alternative. There’s no adverts nor affiliate links, this page was created just to share a simple and cheap solution and help as many people as possible. Thank you!

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